Staff Spotlight-getting to know our staff a little better! Madison Robinson (Office Manager in School of Communication and Design)

1. Where are you from? What brought you to Loyola?
I am from Omaha, Nebraska. Initially, I had my eye set on Loyola Chicago, but after our campus visit to Loyola New Orleans on a beautiful spring day in April, there was no place I'd rather be. 

2. I  know you are an Alum for the Mass Comm program, what made you want to come back as a staff member?
The merging of the Mass Communication and Design programs made me want to come back as a staff member. I'm glad to see the stars have finally aligned and these departments are housed under the same school. I believe that our students and faculty in the SCD have extreme potential to collaborate and learn from one another. Merging was just step one. 

3. Tell me your favorite aspect of working in the SCD office?
My favorite part of working in the SCD office is interacting with our students. Though it's been almost ten years since I graduated (yikes!), it feels like yesterday that I was sitting in Laura Jayne's office panicking about *fill in the blank*. I like to remind students that everything works out as it should, you don't have to have it all figured out right this second, and to celebrate the big and little wins in their college careers

4. Do you have any special projects you are working on?
I have a giant Google Doc that is dedicated to this summer. Lots of creating, planning, and organizing!

5. What will you be doing this summer? 
I hope to make it back to Omaha to see my family, get another puppy and continue to work on designing a children's book with my dear friend Maddie.