What are your Summer plans?

The Go-Go's are touring the UK this summer and, unfortunately, I won't be able to go...BECAUSE...I am going to London in August for 2 weeks for Belinda Carlisle's Birthday Party!!!!
C.Patrick Gendusa, Chair/Department of Theatre Arts & Dance, He/HIm 

This summer I plan to do a paid-internship at No Dream Deferred NOLA, a black-led, community-anchored, multimedia theater production company. I will have the opportunity to direct actors and collaborate with artists, Artistic and Creative Directors, and other producing team members to make quality content that will amplify the voices of marginalized playwrights and celebrate culture. In my spare time, I will be working as a Starbucks barista. I am so incredibly excited for my plans for this summer as they will give me the opportunity to network, grow as an artist, and save up money for the upcoming school year.
Jaylin Darby, Theatre 

I'm planning to spend the summer working on my house and yard.
Duncan Becker, Technical Director Theatre, Arts and Dance

This Summer I am helping lead an internship for high schoolers at my church! I am currently looking for local Theatre opportunities, anything to grow my craft
Jenevieve Bourgeoius, Musical Theatre

I'm currently interning for Storytime with Julian. I am the Audio Engineer.
Cassius Turner, Digital Filmmaking 

Right now I'm hoping to find an internship in New Orleans to better my resume-learn, progress and hopefully go on vacation too.
Anna Hummel, Public Relations

My Plans for the summer are to travel to  Tacoma, Washington to visit my family
Gina Nedwick, Mass Communication

I'm very excited to go to Paris with Loyola's Music Industry Program. I'm taking classes that discuss Black History in Paris and important figures like James Baldwin and Josephine Baker. 
Aja Cousins, Music Industry

I'm very excited for my vacation at Santa Rosa Beach.
Sophie Bornfield, Public Relations

I don't have any plan right now but I'm definitely looking for places and just seeing where I want to be. I definitely want to be in New Orleans but I wouldn't mind some remote work. 
Gabriela Ochoa, Music Industry