Wolfpack Wardrobe helps make professional clothing accessible to all its students

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As Loyola encourages its students to participate in professional opportunities outside of the classroom, access to interview and work appropriate clothing became an apparent challenge for some. With the goal of making sure all students are geared for success, Loyola introduced the “Wolf Pack Wardrobe’. A free student-led campus resource making professional clothing accessible to the student body as whole.

Led by the slogan ‘sustainable success’, the Wolf Pack Wardrobe is focused on being sustainable for students and the environment. As the wardrobe is donation-based, the clothes get a second life to help students prosper the same as they would with clothes purchased from retail stores.  

“It’s a really safe space to pick up whatever you need”, says Reaghyn Newbill, manager of Wolf Pack Wardrobe. The wardrobe is designed as an actual shopping experience for students who are greeted by a wardrobe staff member and given the freedom to shop as they please. The Wolf Pack wardrobe prides itself on being an on-campus organization that offers a 100% free service experience to students ensuring they have access to the tools necessary for career success. 

The wardrobe works toward having an inventory that represents the diversity in sizes that Loyola has, ensuring all students feel comfortable to shop for their success. Newbill says the long-term goal of the wardrobe is to be an organization students are aware of from when they arrive as freshman to their first professional engagement as a student.