The opportunity of a lifetime 

Studying design at Loyola University New Orleans provides you the opportunity of a lifetime. Students will explore analog methods (drawing, hand lettering, screen printing, letterpress) and digital methods to create unique solutions for different audiences.

Our majors prepare students for a wide-range of career options including: graphic design professional, motion graphics, web design, exhibitions and careers in education.

Students create projects using electronic media, typographic design, publication design, photojournalism, advertising illustration photography, and color management.

Design is the practice of creating visual and textual content to communicate ideas and experiences to a specific audience. The form includes images and words and can be physical or virtual. Designers create in a commercial, cultural or political realm. The Loyola design program focuses on projects that align with the Jesuit mission of making the world a better place. Students will learn the process of design from sketching and conceptualizing to producing a final product.