Studios and Facilities

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Here we constantly strive to provide state-of-the-art facilities and technology for our students to pursue their creativity.  Currently, our program boasts four (4) different audio recording studios, two (2) television/film studios, a fully-stocked equipment checkout office, an iMac-based video editing suite, and an iMac-based music technology lab. We also have access to Loyola University’s new 330-capacity Nunemaker Auditorium, where we host our Arts & Entertainment Industry Forum, as well as guest speakers and events.

For information on the studios and booking requests, please email Lovell Cooper,

Recording Studio A

Studio A is the premiere recording facility for School of Music Industry. Featuring a 1600-square-foot live room, one (1) ISO booth, and a control room by renowned studio designer George Augspurger, this studio also functions as a 24-seat classroom for our audio recording courses. Boasting well-balanced sound, Studio A contains professional-grade gear, including:

- Solid State Logic AWS900+ Integrated Analog mixing console and DAW controller
- Apple Mac Pro with DAW capabilities
- Professional DAWs including Pro Tools HDX11, Logic Pro X, Ableton, Studio One, Reason, and Cubase
- Professional-grade plugins including Waves Gold, iZotope, Celemony Melodyne, and others
- Conversion: Digidesign HDX192’s with SYNC HD
- Outboard Preamplifiers: Focusrite Red 1, Great River, AEA RMP, Vintech 573, Universal Audio LA610
- Outboard effects: Manley Vari-Mu Mastering Edition, Grace m502’s, Neve Portico 543, EL Distressor, Phaze-Q
- Monitoring: Genelec 8030A Nearfields w/ 7060B, Yamaha NS10-M, Roland S8, KRK

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Recording Studio B

Studio B is a recording studio with five (5) acoustically-treated isolation rooms and several satellite rooms, and is excellent for recording popular music styles where acoustic isolation is required. It features the following equipment:

- Apple Mac Pro with Pro Tools HDX 11
- Slate Raven MTi Digital Touch-Screen Board
- Other DAWs including Logic Pro X, Ableton, Studio One, Reason, Cubase
- Conversion: Digidesign HDX192 Conversion
- Preamplifiers: Grace m801, Drawmer 1960, API 3124+, Avalon VT 737SP
- Outboard effects:Klark Teknik Square ONE, Lexicon PCM-70, Yamaha SPX 990, DBX 160x, Digitech RDS4000 Time Machine
- Monitoring: Blue Sky and Roland S8

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Recording Studio C

Studio C

Loyola’s Recording Production Studio C is a fully-functional production space students can use to shoot films, shows, music videos, and more. Equipped with green screen capabilities, a professional-grade lighting grid system, and FocusRite RedNet Dante media networking technology, this 1,000-square-foot studio provides the perfect teaching and hands-on working space. Studio C can also double as a live room that links to our other recording studios.

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Recording Studio D

Studio D is a recording studio designed to mimic the home studio environment our students may have had prior experience with. In addition to one (1) isolation booth, this studio features the following equipment:

- Apple iMac with Pro Tools HDX 11, Logic Pro X, Ableton, and Studio One
- KRK Speakers
- FocusRite RedNet Dante media networking technology

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Mixing/Mastering Studio E

Studio E

Studio E is designed for mixing and mastering audio recordings. In addition to two (2) isolation booths, this studio features the following equipment:

- Apple iMac with Pro Tools HDX 11, Logic Pro X, Ableton, and Studio One
- KRK Speakers
- FocusRite RedNet Dante media networking technology

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Music Ensembles Rehearsal Space

421 Classroom/Rehearsal Room

The Mac Lab

Monroe Library 113, affectionately known as “the Mac Lab,” is the technological center of School of Music Industry, and where our technology-oriented courses are taught. This sound-isolated room located within the Monroe Library features twenty-four (24) student stations featuring Apple iMacs with OS X 10.11, each loaded with the latest in creative software: the entire Adobe Creative Suite, Avid Final Cut Pro, Avid Pro Tools HDX 11, Logic Pro X, Reason, and Studio One, among others. The Mac Lab also features dual HD projection and 5.1 surround sound.

The following courses are taught in the Mac Lab:

- Intro to Music Technology
- Digital Audio Production
- Internet Technologies I
- Internet Technologies II
- Audio for Film and Television
- Film Scoring
- Computer Music Programming
- Digital Editing
- Screenwriting I
- Screenwriting II

Nunemaker Auditorium

A 330-seat, state-of-the-art auditorium, Nunemaker Auditorium is located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Monroe Hall. Boasting a spacious entrance lobby, modern wood-paneled interior, full LED lighting, and the latest in sound technology, this hall hosts our Arts & Entertainment Industry Forum every Monday night.

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Roussel Hall

Located on the 2nd floor of the Communications/Music Complex, Loyola University’s 600-seat Louis J. Roussel Performance Hall hosts the university’s symphony orchestra, as well as solo recitals, concerts, and other showcases.

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Satchmo’s is an intimate showcase venue located in the basement of the Danna Student Center, and hosts performances by faculty, student, and local musicians. On Thursday nights, Satchmo’s hosts the Montage Jazz Underground Series, transforming into a New Orleans-style club.