Maura Lindsey

Film Dept. Equipment and Post Production Supervisor Production Site Coordinator

Maura Lindsey is a colorist, photographer and fine artist focusing on digital media. She received a BFA in Digital Filmmaking at Loyola University with a minor in Studio Art in 2022. She has worn many hats in the New Orleans film industry for both production and post, including the role of props fabricator and set designer on Joe Badon’s Wheel of Heaven, colorist on Sascha Just’s Ellis, and dailies operator and assistant colorist on AMC’s Mayfair Witches. Maura has experience with production equipment from many corners of filmmaking, and specializes in cinema camera and post color grading technology. She believes a thorough understanding of how filmmaking gear ticks can greatly impact images both moving and still.

For upwards of a decade, she has captured a vast assortment of individuals and venues in the New Orleans area through her photography. Her traditional art practices range from painting and printmaking to sculpture and mixed media. Her work for both photography and sculpture has been featured in galleries across the gulf coast, including The Light Room’s 20 Under 20 exhibit in 2018 and The Front Nola’s For Our Consideration exhibition in 2021.

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