The Scoop | October 2022

"Blue Day" is a concert series that raises money for 2020 school of Music Industry alum, Ella Blue, who is currently undergoing medical issues and needs financial assistance. Spearheaded by Noa Jamir, Mia Day & Rocky Leonard, “Blue Day” serves as a fundraiser with all proceeds going to help out a beloved alumna. This is the second of an ongoing series with the first concert being held onSeptember 14, that featured a line up of Mia Day, Noa Jamir, Mynthia, Rocky Leonard, & Destiny Manzella.

Loyola students in the record label operations class take practical learning to a new level by working together and launching “Wolf Moon Records''. The label is proud to have four signed artists as of Fall ‘22.  The opportunity provides a platform for students and artists to dip their toes in the real world of music and label operations. 

Halloween in New Orleans can only be described as magical; in a city full of magic, legend and mysticism. The Halloween festivities are second only to Mardi Gras with a variety of eerie and thrilling events perfect for everyone including haunted houses, ghost tours, Halloween themed music performances, and much more.

What is Lagniappe?

Webster's Definition: something given or obtained gratuitously or by way of good measure

New Orleans translation: A lil sumn, sumn extra

In this section we would like to highlight exciting events and snippets of student, faculty and staff in and around our College. We think you are so very special!!

Meet Jonathan McHugh, Hilton-Baldridge Eminent Scholar/Endowed Professor in Music Industry Studies! Jonathan is an independent film and TV producer/director/music supervisor who has held high ranking creative and marketing positions at some of the biggest entertainment companies like New Line Cinema/Warner Films, Zomba/ Sony Films & Music & Def Jam Films/ Universal Music over the past few decades. McHugh has produced over 35 films and TV shows with some of pop culture’s biggest stars including Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Janis Joplin, Snoop Dogg, Muhamad Ali, Ludacris and Motley Crew‘s Tommy Lee and shows like Sun Records.


Loyola’s first ever Zine show opened on Thursday, October 20th and is available for students and faculty to visit on the 4th floor of Monroe Library in the Diboll Gallery until February 15th, 2023. 

“Zines are non-commercial, self-published booklets that are typically reproduced using a copy machine. They provide a safe space for their creator to freely express themselves and share their art, words, and thoughts with a chosen (and often niche) audience.