The Loyola Preparatory Arts Program is operated independently of the Loyola College of Music and Media and is sustained entirely by student tuition. Annual tuition is billed in trimesters and must be paid in advance of lessons and classes. The figures below represent the tuition for the academic year (September - May). Admission to class is contingent upon payment of fees. 

Payment Methods

Pay tuition by Visa and Mastercard

Checks should be made payable to Loyola Preparatory Arts Programs and mailed to:

Loyola University New Orleans
Preparatory Music Program, Box 166
6363 St. Charles Ave., N.O., LA 70118

Music Tuition

Instrumental: Guitar, Piano, Strings & Voice


30-minute lessons: $300/trimester



30-minute lessons: $300/trimester

45-minute lessons: $433/trimester

60-minute lessons: $559/trimester



30-minute lessons: $310/trimester



Teacher w/Bachelor's Degree, 30-minute lessons: $300/trimester

Teacher w/Bachelor’s Degree, 30-minute lessons w/group: $414/trimester

Teacher w/Bachelor’s Degree, 45-minute lessons: $433/trimester

Teacher w/Bachelor’s Degree, 60-minute lessons: $559/trimester

Teacher w/Bachelor’s Degree, 45-minute lessons w/group: $544/trimester

Teacher w/Master’s Degree, 30-minute lessons: $312/trimester

Teacher w/Master’s Degree, 30-minute lessons w/group: $424/trimester

Teacher w/Master’s Degree, 45-minute lessons: $449/trimester

Teacher w/Master’s Degree, 45-minute lessons w/group: $559/trimester

Teacher w/Master’s Degree, 60-minute lessons: $568/trimester

Teacher w/Master’s Degree, 60-minute lessons w/group: $675/trimester



Students who withdraw from the program may be entitled to a refund of a percentage of their tuition if such notice is submitted in writing one month in advance.

Missed Lessons

Since your payment secures your time slot for the year, missed lessons will not be refunded for any reason. If the teacher must cancel a lesson, a make-up lesson will be offered. There is no guarantee of make-ups for student absences. Private lessons missed by the student because of an illness or an emergency may be made up pending a vacancy in a teacher’s schedule; however, as our teachers’ schedules tend to be full, this cannot be guaranteed. Group lessons and/or classes missed by the student cannot be made up.

Contact Information

Journey Schaubhut , Interim Director
Phone: (504) 865-3627