College & Community Instructors

Liz Argus

Liz has worked in the worlds of music, theater and dance for over 35 years, as a performer, director, choreographer, and teacher. She is excited to share her stories with students and to learn from them about their lives and experiences.

“Together, we will create a team of artist-scholars who support one another and celebrate our victories as well as our struggles. Let's do this!”


Paul Chu

Paul Chu is an Academic Advisor and Success Coach for the Student SuccessCenter. Paul has been a member of the Loyola community for over six years as a student and now faculty and staff. In teaching this course, Paul wants to provide holistic support for students to make sure they are given opportunities to become successful, however, way they define success.



Jay Davis

Jay Davis hails from the sunny city of Orlando, Florida. With a background in graphic design and education, she is now the Associate Director for Residential Life, where she dedicates herself to guiding and supporting students in honing essential life skills that go beyond textbooks.

Jay strives to equip her students with invaluable insights and practical tools, paving their own unique paths to graduation and success. It is her hope that with her guidance, they become architects of their own educational journey.


Laura Jayne

Laura Jayne is the Director of Student Services for the College and Music and Media. She works with students from the time they get here as first-year students through celebrating their graduation. Her goal as an instructor of the College and Community Class is to make sure all our students enjoy Loyola and New Orleans as much as possible.


Aaron Johnson

Aaron is a native of New Orleans who moved to Baton Rouge after Hurricane Katrina. He returned to New Orleans in January of 2022 to work in the Residential Life Department here at Loyola where he works to create inclusive learning environments for all students. Aaron is excited to share his knowledge, skills, and experience with the promising first-year students this semester. 




Leslie Rambin

Lesli Rambin serves as the Assistant Director of Advising & Coaching in the Student Success Center. She began her career in education as a high school English teacher before joining the faculty at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, where she spent five years as an English Instructor. While at ULM, she created and hosted a radio show that focused on Northeast Louisiana blues music and history in partnership with the local NPR affiliate.

After teaching College and Community, Lesli’s primary interests include ethnography, folklore, creative writing, and seeking out the best live music this city has to offer.

Nancy Rowe

Ms. Rowe is the director of the Office of Writing & Learning Services or OWLS, a key part of the Student Success Center. As an instructor, she said, there is no better feeling than having a student return to her office after they've graduated to share some news about a new job or a new opportunity.

“Student success is about students taking steps to forge their own futures, to develop a true openness and curiosity about the world around them, both intellectually and environmentally; it's about putting in the time and effort, even when life feels less than inspiring.”


Mary Waguespack

Mary Waguespack is assistant director for writing support in the Office of Writing and Learning Services or OWLS. She is also a long-time instructor at Loyola, regularly teaching in the areas of first-year composition and college success. Mary is a native of New Orleans, and her favorite season is Carnival time.

“I am excited to teach College and Community and guide students as they begin their academic and personal journeys. I want to help my students succeed academically, discover their talents and potential, and find a home within the Loyola community.”