The Scoop | February 2023

Professor Ty Lawson aims to introduce students to a new world through a study abroad program he describes as magical, life-changing and unforgettable in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. An unforgettable trip in January to Buenos Aires helped Professor Lawson make the choice that it was the ideal location for students to get a well rounded experience in culture and communications.

Loyola’s front lawn came to life as the School of Communication and Design alumni came together to celebrate the Mardi Gras season in 2023. The party turned things up a notch by adding a unique twist to the music played through the party. Alumni, faculty and students enjoyed the smooth sounds of Brasilian Carnival inspired music played by Loyola’s very own Jazz Music students- Giulia Barreto, Matt Perrone and Jose Hernandez. 

This Mardi Gras season ,like so many before, there are a great varierty of parades you can enjoy even after Fat Tuesday.

Whether you are Uptown, Downtown or in the suburbs there is no excuse to not yell "Throw me something Mister!". 

Go out, get some beads, catch some cups, listen to the amazing bands and "let the good times roll"!

Black History month is from February 1-March 1 and while it's during this month specifically we look to the contributions of our Black brothers and sisters, we should highlight Black greatness every month. 

In the College of Music and Media, Black professors are making an impact in the lives of their students every day with insightful and carefully curated classes.

What is Lagniappe?

Webster's Definition: something given or obtained gratuitously or by way of good measure

New Orleans translation: A lil sumn, sumn extra