About Theatre Arts and Dance

Musical production of one student singing and others acting

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In Theatre Arts and Dance, our mission is to help you find your role of a lifetime. Whether you’re more comfortable on stage or behind the scenes, our broad curriculum in the dramatic arts will ensure that you develop or enhance a sense of artistic and personal discipline, responsibility, and a life-long commitment to theatre.

Dedicated to the process of learning

The Department of Theatre Arts and Dance is entrusted with a body of knowledge. It is a product of more than 2,000 years of world theatre. The Department of Theatre Arts and Dance is also dedicated to process. The distinction between product and process is embodied in the difference between courses that are predominantly academic and those that are predominantly performance-oriented. It is the difference between “learning about” and “learning.” Students can be tested, in objective or essay form, on what they have learned about acting; the same tests will not tell us whether they have learned to act. Another part of the brain is activated here, the intuitive part, and the process of learning may not be— indeed, will not be—over at the end of the course. Often there is no right or wrong in such a course: the student is where he or she is. Something is still in motion, the process is still going on, and the creative insight has yet to surface. A student may be doing something “wrong” for two years before the “right” will appear: the interim is struggle.

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