Artist-in-Residence Justin Prescott Joining TAD Faculty in the Fall

Justin Prescott joined the Loyola Department of Theatre Arts & Dance in the fall by teaching master classes throughout the semester. This semester, he took on the role of an artist-in-residence, teaching master classes and choreography to the Musical Theatre II students in preparation for their cabaret. In the fall, Prescott will be officially joining the faculty and teaching tap as well as working on one of the shows in TAD’s 2021-2022 season. 


 Prescott leading Musical Theatre II students in a master class. 


Prescott said he’s looking forward to the fall because it’s been great working with the department. 

“I’m excited to be an official teacher next semester,” he said. 

Prescott moved to New Orleans just seven months ago in September of 2020. Before that, he had lived in New York City and was performing in Moulin Rouge!, his ninth Broadway show, when Broadway shut down because of the pandemic. He also performed as part of the original Broadway cast of Head Over Heels

Prescott said he decided to move to New Orleans because of his friends. After visiting this summer, he decided to move down from New York City because he figured things were about to get worse in New York as the pandemic raged on and the temperatures dropped in the winter. He said he figured he should go at least be a little warmer in New Orleans instead of New York. 


Prescott leading a master class in Roussel Hall


Not only did Prescott want to be warm, but he also wanted to be somewhere other than New York while unemployed. 

“If I’m gonna be unemployed and broke, I might as well be somewhere that’s enjoyable,” he said. 

He said living in New Orleans has been great, especially because of all the amazing food and the liveliness of the city. 

“Life is always celebrated in such a glorious way,” Prescott said of New Orleans. He said he’s accustomed to seeing second-lines around his neighborhood now and that it’s such a beautiful thing to see people of all kinds joining them. 


Prescott leading a master class in Nunemaker Hall


Since living in New Orleans, Prescott worked as a carpenter’s assistant until January 2021 and has plans to dance with the Marigny Opera Ballet in the fall. In May, he will be returning to New York to dance in the pre-recorded Kennedy Center Honors, honoring Debbie Allen. He said he was called directly to be a part of this recorded performance and that it’s a pretty cool feeling to have people in the industry trust and book you without an audition. 

Prescott said he’s also excited to join the faculty in the fall because he loves sharing the information he’s learned over the years. 

“Teaching is one of my passions,” he said. “I’m looking forward to working with you guys, creating with you guys. I’m looking forward to sharing with you guys. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”