Great News for TAD and The Tennessee Williams Theatre Company of New Orleans!

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Wonderful news for our resident theatre company, The Tennessee Williams Theatre Company of New Orleans, and TAD!!!!

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The Six Blanches Wins Prestigious 2023 AASLH Award of Excellence 

Nashville, TN – The American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) congratulates The  Tennessee Williams Theatre Company of New Orleans & Historic New Orleans Collection in collaboration with  the Loyola University New Orleans Department of Theatre and Dance for receiving an Award of Excellence for  The Six Blanches. The Award of Excellence is part of the AASLH Leadership in History Awards, the most  prestigious recognition for achievement in the preservation of state and local history. 

The Six Blanches was a fully immersive in-exhibition theatrical experience held at the Historic New  Orleans Collection(HNOC) in May 2022. HNOC’s Backstage at A Streetcar Named Desire exhibition celebrated  the Tennessee Williams play’s 75th anniversary with artifacts related to the development and production of the  drama in the French Quarter neighborhood where it is set. The Tennessee Williams Theatre Company of New  Orleans (TWTC) founding Co-Artistic Director Augustin J Correro adapted scenes and speeches from the play  and divided the protagonist Blanche DuBois into six aspects played by six local performers. In the adaptation,  the performers lined the gallery and provided insight and moving portrayals of the unique aspects of the  southern gothic heroine. Most of the production team was composed of women and more than half of the team  were students or alumni of Loyola University New Orleans, where TWTC holds an ongoing professional  residency. Current and past students involved in the program included Madeline Taliancich, Grace Smith,  Lauren Shavor, Emily Patrick, Roya Scott, Anja Avsharian, and Zane Syjansky. 

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The Tennessee Williams Theatre Company of New Orleans 

The Tennessee Williams Theatre Company of New Orleans is a year-round professional theatre company  committed to producing captivating, exciting, and moving plays with a major focus on the works of America's  greatest playwright, Tennessee Williams. In the city which Williams called home and from which he drew  abundant inspiration, The Tennessee Williams Theatre Company of New Orleans will engage our community  and cultivate its relationship with Williams. We will accomplish this by mounting performances of well-known  and rarely produced Williams plays, contributing to the scholarship of Williams and New Orleans, and  educating our community onstage and off with unique and stimulating programming. About AASLH 

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