Jada Williams Featured in ‘504’ Music Video

Junior theatre arts major Jada Williams was featured in the music video of GLBL WRMNG’s debut single, “504.” The video premiered in February, highlighting other local musicians and New Orleanians. The song celebrated the vibrant culture of New Orleans, with those in the video dressed in colorful clothes and dancing alongside a tuba and trumpet player in a manner similar to a second line. “New Orleans is more than just a tourist stop. It's home to some of the greatest people in the world, and it always will be,” said Williams.


Jada Williams in "504." Screenshot from Youtube.

When not at Loyola, Williams works with a music producer, who is their former choir teacher, and a music engineer. The latter co-founded the record label that produced GLBL WRMNG’s single and invited them to participate in the video. “It was fun! I love dancing, as everyone has gotten to see, and vibing out,” she said. The artists were great people and the group enjoyed vibing with each other during the shoot, according to Williams. 

Although Williams is originally from Chicago, he said the music was comforting to him. Over the years, they have begun to think of New Orleans as their home. “The energy here is all its own in such a unique way. The song embodies that and shows all the greatness that lives right here in our city.”


You can read more about GLBL WRMNG and watch the music video here: https://www.nola.com/gambit/music/article_35096d9e-67f7-11eb-a1f4-5f436f...


By Madeline Taliancich