Jesuit High School of New Orleans Masterclass with Patrick Gendusa

We had a wonderful Master Class on Auditioning with C. Patrick Gendusa, Chair of Loyola’s Theatre Arts & Dance (TAD). Mr. Gendusa was kind enough to meet with us on Zoom for one of our many wonderful Wednesday Workshops during the pandemic. It was so exciting for the Phils to finally get to work with him in person! Not only did he prepare us for our auditions for this season, he also spoke at length about how to audition for college, how to present yourself, what an audition panel is actually looking for, and how to choose repertoire and monologues that show who you are as a performer. Phils volunteered to sing or perform monologues for him and we got to watch as he coached them through the process.

As a proud Loyola grad myself, I am so happy to have the opportunity to cultivate this relationship between the Phils and “the other Jesuit school in New Orleans.” I want to again offer a great big thank you to Mr. Gendusa for sharing his time and talents with the Philelelectic Society. A+M+D+G

Original Article Written By: Phils Phriends Newletter from Jesuit Highschool of New Orleans