The Maroon: Loyola TAD takes the stage with satirical musical “Urinetown”


Loyola’s Theatre Arts and Dance Department had their opening night for the satirical musical “Urinetown,” which is a show that’s more than meets the eye.

The team that put the show together worked day and night to present it to audiences, according to musical theater junior Gabby Santalla. Students began rehearsing in late January and the production premiered on March 23 in Marquette Theater.

Created in 2001, “Urinetown” centers on topics ranging from the legal system and corporate mismanagement to musical theater and incontinence.

“You could see the whole show as a commentary on capitalism versus socialism and the state of our economy, or it could really just be about people needing to use the bathroom, real bad,” said vocal performance junior Nathaniel Richard, who played the character Bobby Strong.

“Urinetown” was directed and choreographed by Donald Jones Jr. Both Santalla and Richard said that Jones provided them with the guidance and advice to be their best selves while putting on a performance.

“I think my favorite part throughout this entire process was being able to really take on a character,” Santalla said. “Our director, Donald Jones, Jr., told me his vision for [my character], and I really had a blast making her come to life.”

The department said they had fun working with and learning from Jones.

“This is the first musical I’ve been a part of in quite a while and it really renewed my love for it,” Richard said. “Donald Jones has given me a massive amount of advice and things to use going forward in my other shows. I think what has mainly stuck with me was just not to doubt yourself and to put out the best product that you can safely and healthily.”

Loyola Costume Shop is tasked with the responsibility of costuming and piecing together hair and makeup concepts for Loyola’s productions. Theater sophomore Justice Mosley has assisted three previous Loyola productions and “Urinetown” is her first as head hair and makeup designer.

“The process of creating a look for one character involves in depth analysis, research, mood boards, and of course, makeup and costume renderings. This all takes place over the course of about two to three months,” Mosley said.

The final performance of “Urinetown” is on April 1 at 7:30 p.m.


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Written by: Mia Olivia