TAD alumna Emma Schillage's play to be performed at Columbia University

The Department of Theater Arts and Dance could not be more proud of recent alumna Emma Schillage for producing her play, GOD AND GIRL, at Columbia University School of the Arts in New York City.

In her summary of GOD AND GIRL, she states:

"High school student Eva is excited (and a little terrified) for her first ever March For Life Trip to Washington D.C. It is her first overnight trip away from her home and family surrounded by her classmates, but the march isn't the only thing on her mind. Her long time crush, Mason, is also on the trip and Eva is determined to make a connection before it's over. Upon arriving in Washington, D.C., a lot seems to go wrong. Not only is Eva rooming with high school "it girls" Keri and Maddie, but the march itself seems to take a turn for the worse, making the students question everything they thought they knew. Helping her navigate it all, is Eva's long time confidant, God, herself. GOD AND GIRL is about young adulthood and navigating difficult topics when no one seems to have the answers. It is an exploration of sex, motherhood, grief, and self-actualization. It's a love letter to my adolescent self, my sexual awakening, to you, and maybe to God too. We'll see."

Not only is Emma a talented playwright, but she is also an actress, writer, singer, and director: a quadruple threat. She's from right here in New Orleans, and graduated from Loyno with a BA in Theater Arts. Currently, she is working towards her MFA at Columbia University School of Arts in New York City.


If you want to learn more about Emma Schillage and her where she currently studies, check out this interview: 



Emma, we are so proud and elated to see how you continue to shine in your life. We wish you the best of luck producing God and Girl!