Theatre Arts & Dance Department Chair C. Patrick Gendusa Interview with Ann Mahoney, star of "The Walking Dead"

In this show we take a “peek” into the lives of actors, writers, producers, and educators that work in the fields of film, television, and theatre. So often we hear the Cinderella stories of “overnight success,” but we don’t hear about each individual artist and how they have navigated their careers moment to moment. Artists are often told that “networking” is the key to success in the industry, but true advice on HOW to do this nebulous “networking” is rarely given. There is no step by step to “how to get an agent,” “how to network” or “how to book jobs regularly” – but by listening to the vast and varied experiences of many artists from all walks of life, the assurance that our path WILL BE ILLUMINATED becomes clear. The Peeky Podcast is sponsored by Peeky Designs. Painfully cute kids' couture. You can find our scary-sweet threads for your spawn at

This episode was recorded on May 15th 2020.

In today’s episode we talk to Patrick Gendusa, Chair and Artistic Director of the Loyola University Theatre Department, about how he came to love theatre, and felt specifically called to be a theatre educator.

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